LoadSMART now has a Type-Approved Smart OBM (Category B) with its T300 model. This model will provide operators to meet with IAP and TMA requirements where Smart OBM systems are required. 

LoadSMART makes it easy for truck drivers and transport operators to manage truck (and trailer) axle group weights, payload and total combination weight. With today’s transport environment it is critical for truck drivers to know they are within the weight limits with CONFIDENCE.

LoadSMART enables truck drivers and fleet owners to…


LoadSMART aims to meet the needs for single driver operators as well as the large fleet operators. It has been on the market since 2007 and used by many operators throughout Australia for many applications including:

  • • Truck and semi-trailer
    • B-double and A-double combinations
    • Road-train combination
    • Truck and dog-trailer
    • Rigid Trucks….

The LoadSMART setup is easy and simple and provides many advantages over conventional vehicle weighing systems. LoadSMART works by sensing axle group weight through state-of-the-art sensors and robust wireless transmission of weight data back to the truck cabin. With LoadSMART truck drivers can optimise each load so the fleet is running at full load capacity. Drivers have the ability to check all axle group weights and total weight either in the cabin or while loading.

The LoadSMART system is a modular and wireless so there is no extra wiring required between vehicles. It comprises of two main areas: hardware and software. The hardware includes the sensor units, modem unit and display unit have been built to provide long-term durability and

reliability. The software has been designed to be upgradable so as new software features become available, they can easily be installed without the need to invest into new hardware costs. The LoadSMART software is being continually developed to provide better value and information to customers.

Truck drivers are accountable for their vehicle weights and therefore require an accurate on-board weighing system to validate the weights. Every LoadSMART display unit shows all axle group weights and total weight on the one screen making it easier for the driver to manage the weights. LoadSMART offers a range of models to meet various customer requirements.

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